“Ground School”

The “Ground School” sessions are being established to promote collaboration and further the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all club members.

If you have a suggestion for future topics, have a question or would just like to discuss a topic, please make a suggestion!

Upcoming Topics

Past Topics

November 2016

Lipo Battery Charging and Safety

March 2016

Fiberglass 101

We will look at basic solid, not open bay, covered aircraft w/ 3/4 oz. sq. yd. fiberglass cloth using epoxy finishing resin. The focus will be on application techniques to obtain the strongest and lightest results for this system. The same hints and tips can be applied to 2 oz. “ribbon” joiner at wing center sections.


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User Suggested Topics

  • Weathering Techniques
  • Methods of hinging control surfaces
  • Basic Heli Setups
  • Storage Charge, “C” Rating & Other Terms, Electric Setups (Selecting the right motor & ESC for the job)
  • Video – Discuss camera settings, production, how to render and how to post.