Hello All,

This is just a reminder that the Field Cleanup day will take place on Saturday, April 30th @ 9:00 AM with a rain date of Sunday, May 1st. Please be advised that the ground will probably still be a little wet so you may require appropriate shoes. I would also ask that members who do show up bring with them some sort of leaf type rake for the field and other items necessary as brush clearing may be needed maybe even a wheel barrow or two. Ted has already set up the Roller delivery and it will be there for rolling of the field. Also we will be using that same trailer to transport the items from the upper barn back down to the field and the shed. We may or may not have time to build new benches/picnic table on that day but we may want to set up a time to do that at the May meeting as some members may want to get in some flying if the weather is nice!  Hope to see you all there at the field as we prepare to kick off the 2016 flying season!!

Thanks Again,

Gary C.

BCRCC President