Hello All,

Well as discussed at the December meeting the FAA has issued its long awaited ruling on the registration of model aircraft. As this news is just breaking there are still so many unanswered questions and instead of raising alarm here in our own club, my suggestion is that we discuss this in detail at the January 2016 meeting. I would advise though that each and every member receiving this email log on to the AMA’s website and educate themselves with the new regulation and process that will now for sure take place sooner than later. Please prepare questions that you may have and we will try to answer them or get them answered as to leave no one in the dark on this very important matter. The majority of member feedback that I have received so far is one of frustration and I can completely understand that some as do I believe that this is an infringement on a hobby which is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. We know what the short term goal of the AMA/FAA is, but the biggest unknown is where all this is going? As I mentioned at the December meeting the only way that we can ease this regulation is to try to stay one step ahead of it. Although the preliminary registration fee is a minimal $5.00, no one has made it clear to me what is the penalty if a member does not register? what will the ongoing role of the AMA be? does the FAA now have jurisdiction over model aircraft? and many other unanswered questions that will arise.  So this is just an FYI email not an alarm to rush to your computers and register anything!! Lets collectively as a club take this one step at a time and see what the next few weeks brings and have an open constructive discussion about this and a game plan at the January meeting. Chris Ferreira has posted a link on the clubs website for everyone to easily access all this information.

Gary C.
BCRCC President